Fee : ₹ 500/-
Date : 19th Jan 2019
Venue : The LNMIIT, Jaipur
Prizes Worth : ₹ 50,000/-

Design a remote-controlled IC engine car which can race against other competitors on an off-road dirt track.

A wireless RC Car, powered only by an IC engine that conforms to the NITTRO standards is required for partcipation by each team. The event is to complete and compete with other opponents on an off-road dirt track with many obstacles in the least possible time and to score maximum points.

General Rules

  1. The participants must place their RC cars at the start line before start of the race. Any RC car starting beforehand will be given a warning and will be allowed to restart.
  2. The track will contain certain number of checkpoints and if the bot goes out of the track then it has to start with the previous checkpoint.
  3. If the RC car is unable to complete the obstacle for the second time the RC car can skip the course with 45 sec penalty.
  4. The vehicle cannot be touched for any other reason barring those stated above.
  5. Teams are not allowed to intentionally damage the opponent's machine.
  6. Organizers reserve the rights to change any or all of the above rules as they deem fit.
  7. Organizers decision will be final decision.
Team Specification
  1. A team may have a maximum of 4 members.
  2. Each participant can be a part of one team only. If same participant is found as a member of more than one team, will lead to disqualification of both teams.
Robot Specification
  1. Size – 600mm x 500mm x 500mm.
  2. Controlling - Participants must use a remote with frequency of band spectrum 2.4 GHz to control the machine.
  3. Engine – The vehicle must be propelled forward using IC engines (max power of 4.6cc). Any machine which uses DC Motors for propulsion will be disqualified. However, DC motors and servos can be used for steering mechanisms or any other control mechanisms apart from propulsion.
  4. Tires – Rubber tires.
  5. Steering - The machine must have an on-board power supply to run any mechanism requiring electric power for steering. The electric voltage anywhere in the machine should not exceed 12V at any point of time.